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Reviews from guests

Chandler Thomas

Chandler Thomas

21/11/2023 13:11

A Rocky Start Transformed into Exceptional Hospitality at Jewel Green Mountain

From the moment my plane touched down in Cairo at the ungodly hour of 2 AM, I knew I was in for an adventure. Navigating customs, currency exchange, securing a SIM card, and haggling over Uber rides in the wee hours was nothing short of daunting. But my rocky start was soon smoothed over by the exceptional service at the Jewel Green Mountain. The first day was a whirlwind of confusion, especially with my own mix-up with dates and the unexpected change in the location of the Intra-African Trade Fair. Enter Fatma Samy, my guardian angel in this bustling city. Fatma was not just a staff member; she was the lifeline I didn't know I needed. Her proficiency in English bridged my language gap, and her knack for organization put my chaotic schedule back on track. Fatma's assistance went beyond professional duties. When my itinerary ran dry, she was there with a plethora of suggestions for local sights and experiences, turning potential downtime into enriching adventures. Her help extended to even the smallest of details, ensuring my stay was nothing short of comfortable and enjoyable. The warmth of the hotel staff was palpable. Hamdy, a gem from the breakfast crew, anticipated my morning needs with a level of attentiveness that made me feel both valued and understood. His service was a perfect start to my days. The hospitality extended throughout the hotel. Every staff member I encountered was incredibly kind, patient, and helpful, even when language barriers presented themselves. Room service was prompt, delivering delectable meals right to my door. And when a small issue arose with my dinner at the hotel restaurant, Fatma, with her ever-reliable assistance, resolved it effortlessly from her home, ensuring my dining experience was nothing short of satisfying. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire team at Jewel Green Mountain. Your dedication and hospitality didn't just make my stay comfortable; you made it memorable. Your efforts to go above and beyond for a guest, especially one navigating the complexities of a new city, were truly commendable. I look forward to my next visit, knowing that I'll be in the best of hands.
Hani Zomlot

Hani Zomlot

12/11/2023 17:40

jewel hotel cairo

The best hospitality and team,all of . them have a nice smile and the Thanks Jewel team and Fatima for this kindness, the welcoming was perfect, see you again
ezeddin almihales

ezeddin almihales

11/11/2023 11:31

Absolute best 11 nights stay

To start with I found about jewel green mountain hotel while on maps looking for place to stay in this particular area I didn't have much expectations to be honest to be surprised by the spectacular services from all departments it was one of the most comfortable stays I have ever had.